Seafood distributor in Doha Qatar


We are a reputed supplier of the ultra-fresh wholesale seafood to Qatar’s finest restaurants. In fact, we have been an outstanding wholesale seafood distributor for restaurants who require the freshest perishables, which evolve with today’s dining menus.

We collaborate with anglers, foragers, food artisans, and farmers, who are equally passionate in delivering fresh and quality products. Our seafood is picked from an expert or chef’s perception of peak quality, quick delivery, and seasonality.

Seafood distributor in Doha Qatar


As a certified wholesaler, we offer high-class hotels with remarkable seafood that they can trust and trace. Taza Mark is certainly that one-stop seafood shop where many expats and five-star chefs source for good seafood supplies at reasonable prices.

Seafood distributor in Doha Qatar

Catering Services

If you are in need of a quality seafood supplier, then look no further. Taza Mark is your ultimate shopping destination. We offer consistently economical prices, reliable delivery, and quality seafood. Our seafood varieties are sure to entice more customers to your catering company.

Seafood distributor in Doha Qatar


Impress your customers and guests with some freshest seafood on their plates. Whether it is frozen/fresh seafood, bespoke filleting, or a quick update on what is sustainable and seasonal, Taza Mark can play a key role in supporting your huge resort.

Seafood distributor in Doha Qatar


We are specialized wholesale seafood sellers for hypermarkets too. Our exclusive concept, faster delivery, and quality product are three factors that make us one of the unique suppliers in Qatar. Hence, you can be convinced of hiring the finest dealers.

Seafood distributor in Doha Qatar


Hygiene and quality are two important factors that have made Taza Mark well-liked among its customers. The expert team strictly takes control of the food safety and other standards.

We are 100% aware that hospitals require quality seafood that is handled in a sanitary manner, brought in clean certified cold vans, and packaged properly to hold the longest probable time, and of course, at the most affordable prices. This is where Taza Mark comes in. We guarantee to process the requirements with the greatest quality.

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