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The primary revenue of most European citizens relies on ocean resources – seafood, of course. In fact, Europe is the leading continent that supplies the healthiest types of seafood. Their merchant fleet totally depends on the global marines for trade. Well, we are not asking you to head to Europe and buy some seafood.

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Whenever you are longing for some scrumptious seafood, Taza Mark is always there to serve you. A few of our seafood is directly hauled from the best Asian markets. Once you have spotted the alluring Asian Squids, San Lobsters, Rock Lobsters, Giant shrimps, Pomfrets, Pangasius, Milk Fishes, and Tuna Fish from our counter, you can just decide how you want them to be cooked.

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Africa may be popular for its awesome sightseeing spots – but nothing can come close to the authentic African seafood cuisine. Unbelievably, the seafood of Africa has heavily influenced the seafood industry over the years. In fact, 55% of the sea catch is exported to the major markets of Australia, United States, and Europe.

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how taza mark do

Though each process in our business is intricate, to make you understand easier, we have divided our tasks into three simple steps


We buy quality seafood from the global merchandise via tender.


Based on the customer requirements, we clean and cut the seafood.


Finally, we deliver it to the customers in the minimum time.

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customer service

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We are qualified to do the below to our customers

Supply the best quality seafood

Offer all types of seafood at a reasonable price

Provide timely deliveries and services

Meet the customer requirements

We Sell Only The Freshest Quality Seafood

Taza Mark is a renowned brand for serving quality seafood to its customers. Each product is handpicked and checked by a team of experts and made sure that they are of fresh quality before being delivered.

Quality Is Our Highest Priority

We are highly committed in serving the top quality seafood to our customers. We ensure good levels of hygiene and quality management. For the meat & seafood to remain fresh and hold its natural juice, we at Taza Mark store them at a temperature between 0°C and 5°C. This level is maintained from the time of cleaning, cutting, and storing. Even when the products are out for delivery, they are kept in certified chilled vans until they reach the customers ‘doorstep.

We Never Sell Something That Is Not Fresh

Since every process is carried out under the supervision of experts, there are no possibilities that sell damaged or unfresh products. That is something we can never even dream of doing to our customers.

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Undoubtedly, Taza Mark is the ultimate online delivery destination for fresh seafood and meat. Our experienced professionals and staffs hand cut the products in well controlled temperatures and ensure that they are 100% fresh while delivering at your doorstep. All the products at Taza Mark are 100% healthy, fresh, and halal. We own a completely equipped seafood processing factory where all the filleting and other portion control system work. The food products are carefully sourced and supplied with certified standard levels. We ensure that our customers receive the safest, cost effective, and reliable services & products.